Aines Rewards Terms & Conditions

Aines Boutique Loyalty Program Terms and Condition

Welcome to the Aines Rewards ("Program"). These terms and conditions ("Terms") govern your participation in the Program, and by joining the Program, you agree to these Terms. Please read them carefully.

 1 Defined terms 


Refers to a loyalty account set up on behalf of a member


Refers to the general terms of this programme

Loyalty Card / Aines Rewards Card

Refers to a digital wallet card which can be used at Aines Boutique, Main Street, Longford, Co. Longford 


Refers to Aines Boutique, Main Street, Longford, Co. Longford


Refers to the holder of an Aines Rewards Loyalty account


Has the meaning set out on Section 3


Refers to the Aines Loyalty Programme, described as the Aines Rewards programme


Refers to a calendar year running from January 1st to December 31st.

  1. General 

2.1 The promoter of the programme is Aines Boutique Limited (“Aines” we”, “us” and  “our”), Main Street, Longford, Co. Longford, Company Registration Number: 222339.

2.2 To become a Member, an applicant must become a registered account holder by creating an account through signing up through digital form. The digital form can be filled in by clicking the following link  ( Once registration is completed the member’s account is activated. 

2.3 A notification email of the successful and completed account information will be sent to Members upon the Account becoming active.

2.4 The Aines Rewards Card is not a credit, payment or cheque guarantee card.

2.5 Aines may amend these Terms at their discretion. Aines will notify Members of any changes to these Terms. If a Member uses their Loyalty Card following a change in the Programme, the Member will be deemed to have accepted the change.

2.6 Aines Rewards Card cannot be used on sale reduced goods or promotional items.

2.7 Aines reserves the right to exclude allocation of points to brands and departments as they see fit.

2.8 Members must personally present a Aines Rewards Loyalty Card, when making a purchase to earn points on that purchase. Cards cannot be shared or transferred.

2.9 For items held on deposit, any points gained will not be added to your Rewards Card  until the purchase is completed in its entirety.

2.10 The Member is obliged to notify Aines in writing of any change in the Member’s address or other relevant Member details.

2.11 All Members must be at least 18 years old on the date of creation of their Account.

2.12 Membership is tiered according to each Member’s combined spend within Aines on eligible products, with members moving up to the next tier once they have obtained a certain number of points and reached a specific spend threshold.

2.13 Membership is tiered according to each Member’s spend in-store, and each tier of membership offers enhanced benefits. Aines reserves the right to change a Member’s tier at its discretion where the Member’s spend substantially decreases.


2.14 The following tiers will be applied to a Member’s Account:

Insider Tier Membership - Applies to new Loyalty Card holders. Insider Tier members earn 1 point for every euro spent on eligible products. 

Silver Tier  Membership -  Applies to members who have spent over €2,500 in a calendar year. Silver Tier  Members earn 2 points for every €1 spent in-store on eligible products.  Silver Tier members are also gifted 10% off their first purchase after upgrading.

Gold Tier Membership - Applies to members who have spent over €5,000 on eligible products in a calendar year. Gold tier Members earn 3 points for every €1 spent in-store on eligible products. Gold Tier members are also gifted 15% off their first purchase after upgrading.

Diamond Tier  Membership - Applies to members who have spent over €10,000 on eligible products in a calendar year. Diamond  Members earn 4 points for every €1 spent in-store on eligible products. Diamond Tier members are also gifted 20% off their first purchase after upgrading.

2.15 Gold and Diamond Tier memberships will be retained for a full year once the Member meets the minimum spend criteria in the previous calendar year.

These benefits are valid for 12 months from the date of upgrade to Gold or Diamond. 

2.16 Points can only be earned at the higher threshold from the day following the purchase which qualified the Member for the increased Points. Increased Points will not be applied retrospectively to any element of the qualifying purchase.

2.17  Members can check their Points balance and respective tier on their digital wallet card. Aines Rewards Waller Card is located in Google and Apple wallets.

2.18 Members may redeem Points as outlined in Section 3.3  below subject to all applicable laws and regulations and subject also to income tax and other taxes, which shall be the sole liability and responsibility of the Member. Aines does not accept any liability for Points accrued on or redeemed from use of the Aines Reward Card without the Member’s knowledge.

2.19 Points can be redeemed immediately after the setup of the members digital Wallet Card.

2.20 Aines, at its discretion, may offer bonus points to Members at certain times.

2.21 Aines, at its discretion, may suspend, alter, amend, or terminate the Programme at any time on giving reasonable notice to Members. Notice may be given online, by letter, through email communication to Members or by displaying notices in-store.


  1. The Programme

Earning Points

3.1 Points can be earned by Members: 1) on purchases In-store on eligible products  and  2) by redemption of Gift Cards;

3.2 Points cannot be earned by Members: 1) on the purchase of Gift Card/s; 2) on delivery charges; 3) on gift wrap options; 5) on In-store gratuities; 6) on In-store alterations

Redeeming Points

3.3 Members can only redeem Points In-store. Member Accounts must be registered in order to redeem Points.  Points expire after 24 months and any points accumulated on the Rewards Card will also expire.

3.4 Points cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash at any time.

3.5 Points cannot be earned or redeemed on purchases made on or using Aines Digital Gift Card.

3.6 Aines has the right at its sole discretion to determine from time to time which products and services qualify for Points and the number of Points that will be credited for a transaction.

3.7 Points have no monetary value and cannot be sold, transferred or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with these Terms.


3.8 On the return of an unwanted item that earned Points, the number of Points earned on that transaction shall remain the same and a credit note to the value of the goods will be issued in accordance with Aines Boutique returns and refund policies. No points will be earned upon redeeming credit notes.

3.9 If a defective product is returned and the member does not wish to avail of store credit or replacement, a refund will be issued. Points to the value of the return transaction will be deducted from the members account.

3.10 If a product acquired through the redemption of Points is damaged or defective in any way, in-store defective product policy will apply. If the Member chooses not to accept a replacement product, Aines will credit the Account for the number of Points redeemed.

Points Expiry

3.11 On 31th March each year, Points earned in the previous calendar year will expire.

3.12 Points collected must be redeemed within 2 calendar years. Unredeemed points will be removed from the Members Rewards Card  if not redeemed within this time.

3.14 Members can check their accumulated number of points and associated tier on their digital wallet card. 

3.15 Members will have six months from the date that the Programme is terminated to redeem Points after which any unused Points shall be forfeited.

Loyalty Benefits

Points Bonus on Selected Items 

3.16 Periodically  Aines may offer Members extra points for purchases made on selected products, collections or departments. 

Birthday Points

3.17 In order to qualify for the Birthday Bonus Points, Members must have provided a date of birth when registering for the Programme. Triple points apply to all eligible purchases made with In-store or Online, in the 7 days before, on the day of, and 7 days after the Member’s birthday. Depending on the birthday date and when the Member shops..

Percentage Discount on First Purchase In New Tier 

3.18 Members will be entitled to a one time percentage discount after moving into a new tier. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with accumulated points. The discounts are highlighted in section 2.14 above. 

Complimentary Alterations

3.19 A complimentary basic alterations service is available exclusively to Members who are designated as Platinum tier Members at the time of purchase. Members are required to provide proof that they are Platinum tier Members at that time. Alterations available with this benefit are cuff and hem alterations: sleeve length, skirt/dress length, and trouser/jeans length. The service is available in-store. This benefit is subject to availability.

Curated Birthday Gifts

3.20 Members of Aines Diamond Tier are eligible to receive a complimentary birthday gift on the day or week of their birthday. Members must provide Aines team with delivery address details or if preferable come in-store to receive their gift.

3.21 Loyalty Members can enjoy other benefits including complimentary Personal Shopping, invitations to In-store events, and surprise treats In-store. These benefits are provided at the discretion of Aines and may be removed or amended at any time.

  1. Effective Membership Account Cancellation Or Program Termination

4.1 Aines may cancel a Member’s accumulated points or suspend the Loyalty Programme benefits, with immediate effect and without written notice for any reason and at Aines’ sole discretion, including, without limitation, if Aines believes the Member has:

(a) acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations;

(b) acted in an inappropriate, fraudulent, abusive, or hostile manner;

(c) breached or violated any of the Programme’s Terms and Conditions;

(d) fraudulently claimed eligibility to earn points;

(e) engaged in misconduct or any wrongdoing in connection with the Loyalty Programme.

4.2 The Loyalty Programme points, and other related benefits and services are the sole property of Aines and are not the property of the Members. On cancellation of membership in the Loyalty Programme for any reason, all unredeemed points will be forfeited, and the Member will no longer be able to participate in the Loyalty Programme, and Aines will not compensate or pay cash for any forfeited or unused points.

4.3 If Aines cancels a Member’s account for any reason, the Member may not reapply for membership in the Loyalty Programme, except in limited circumstances at Aines' sole discretion. Any account opened in the Member’s name and points earned in that account will be forfeited upon discovery.

4.4 If a Member cancels their account or becomes inactive, the Member may reapply for membership in the Loyalty Programme, but no points previously forfeited or expired will be reinstated to the Member’s account.

By the Member

4.5 Members may cancel their subscription to the Loyalty Programme at any point by contacting The Loyalty Team on

  1. Data Protection Notice

5.1 Personal data supplied to Aines (e.g. name, address, email, telephone number) by a Member during the registration process will only be processed by Aines for the purposes set out below and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Other than as stated below, no personal data will be divulged to any third parties outside of Aines or its data processors, unless required by law, or for us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations or the protection of our interests or for defence against a legal claim.

5.2 Accounts and transactions may be monitored, for us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

5.3 Aines can use the personal data supplied by the Member in order to manage and administer the Programme and improve the way the Programme is run; to help Aines understand Members’ shopping habits; to communicate information to Members; and to provide Members with relevant tailored offers by email, SMS or post, unless the Member opts out of the receipt of such offers in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Members are responsible for reading the Company’s Privacy Statement available at in order to understand how the Company collects, uses and discloses Member’s data. If a Member has any questions about the Company’s Privacy Policy, the Member should contact or call us on +353 33 43 45918.

5.4 Aines can also use information relating to sets or groups of Members, without identifying Members, to enhance its understanding of Member behaviour and enable Aines to improve its service in general.

5.5 A Member can 'opt out' of marketing communications at any time, free of charge, if he/she/they does not want to be contacted by Aines for direct marketing purposes, by ticking the appropriate box on the Registration Form or contacting a member of our loyalty team.

5.6 Any request by a Member for a copy of their data must be made, in writing, to the Data Protection Officer, Aines Boutique, Main Street, Longford, Co. Longford

  1. Legal Notice

6.1 From signing the hard copy registration form, or from the first use of the Aines Rewards Card, the Members’ agreement to these Terms and Conditions is implied.

6.2 These Terms and Conditions are governed by Irish laws, and the Courts of the Republic of Ireland have jurisdiction in relation to this Agreement.


6.3 If any of the Terms and Conditions contained herein are found to be invalid, unenforceable, or illegal, then that term will be deemed to be severed from the Agreement, and the balance of the Terms and Conditions will remain enforceable.

6.4 Aines will have no liability to each member for any loss, damage, or liability, whether in contract or otherwise, in connection with the operation of the Loyalty Programme.

  1. Marketing Communications

7.1 By accepting and using your Aines Rewards Card, you agree and give permission to Aines to send you relevant emails, including but not limited to information about the Loyalty Programme, promotional offers of new or existing products, and updates regarding the registration of the Programme. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list by emailing us at