Why you have nothing to wear!


That is the start of every morning for many women.

You opened your closet and stared at it for 10 minutes before you declared that you have nothing to put on.

But why?

1. Too many outfits:

Your closet resembles a luxury boutique with stunning pieces that refuse to mingle. Elevate your style by curating a collection where every piece plays harmoniously with others.

Example: Instead of splurging on a statement piece that doesn't pair well with anything else, invest in a tailored blazer that effortlessly complements various ensembles.

2. No Signature Style:

You've got a bit of everything – boho, classic, sporty, and avant-garde... But finding your signature style is like finding your fashion soulmate. It's the key to looking effortlessly fabulous in everything you wear.

Example: If you've always felt comfortable and confident in classic, tailored pieces, embrace that as your signature style. Add more timeless pieces like a crisp white shirt or a well-fitted blazer.

3. The Essential Elements are Missing:

It's like cooking without salt and pepper; your wardrobe lacks the essential ingredients. These foundational pieces make styling a walk in the park. You need to focus on good quality basics to make your wardrobe work.

Example: Classic dark denim jeans, a crisp white shirt, and a little black dress are indispensable wardrobe essentials that exude timeless chic.

4. Neglecting a Tight Colour Palette

 While embracing a wide array of hues can be exciting, it's time to streamline your colour choices. Define your palette by knowing your neutrals and incorporating signature shades that flatter your unique style.

Example: Instead of an overwhelming rainbow, focus on a refined selection of neutrals like black, white, and timeless signature colors that evoke your best look. Consider seeking input from trusted friends or experts to fine-tune your palette.

5. Aligning Your Wardrobe with Your Real Lifestyle!

You've got more cocktail dresses than cocktail parties! It's time to re-evaluate your wardrobe and tailor it to your real-life needs.

Example: If you're a busy bee running errands and shuttling the kids, invest in comfy yet stylish athleisure wear or casual separates. You'll feel great and look fab while handling your daily hustle.


So, there you have it, fashionistas!
A playful take on why you think you have nothing to wear and some tips to get you back on the style track.
Aine & Team💜