Shop Local – reasons to support your local independent retailers

Aine’s is a proud of Longford retailer. We know and understand the struggles and successes of many of our fellow independent retailers throughout the town and county. These businesses keep the main street alive and support the community with jobs for local people. We want to urge you, our cherished customers, to Shop Local not just Christmas but every day.

Build Brand Longford

This year Longford Chamber have come up with a great initiative to encourage people to ‘Shop Local’. It’s a simple Loyalty Card programme. Just make a purchase worth €10 in any of the 6 shops taking part and be in with a chance to win €1000 in cash! It couldn’t be simpler! Click here to find out more.

Shop Local at Aine's

Of course, there are many other reasons to shop local every day. Here are some great reasons to #showyourloveforlocal inspired by It motivated us so much we simply had to share it’s content here with you!

Why it’s important to Shop Local:

1. Cash Injection.

When you shop local more money goes back into your local economy strengthening the economic base of the community. The Small Firms Association has released figures that show that if each adult spent just €20 extra in small local businesses this Christmas, it would amount to an injection of over €73 million for small firms. This would have a hugely positive impact on local jobs and the vibrancy of town and village centres.

2. Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

Buying locally reduces your carbon footprint. Your purchase requires less transport, less packaging (particularly if you bring your favourite tote with you to stow your shopping). If you live close enough to walk or cycle, then reap the health benefits! Enjoy the window display, meet neighbours and see what’s new.

3. Uniquely Yours.

Small independent businesses make our towns and villages stand out. They are what makes a town unique with a distinctive character of its own.

4. Give Back.

Local businesses give back more to the community. Non-profit organisations receive an average 250% more support from smaller business owners than they do from large businesses. They are always there to jump in with a prize or team sponsorship and are a huge asset to our locality.

5. Longford as a tourism destination.

Shop Local and support the local shops and services that make our town look and feel unique.  Creating a distinct character to our home town creates a stronger local identity and can attract more tourism.  Where are your favourite shops and eateries? When was the las time your visited them? When was the last time you recommended them? Get to know your great local businesses again so that you can be an ambassador for Longford.

6. Employment.

Local Business creates more jobs. Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally with the 2014 CSO figures confirming that 69% of Irish people are employed by SME’s.

So don’t forget to Shop Local this Christmas. Even if it’s just that 1 extra gift bought locally. There are hundreds of great businesses offering top quality products and services, not only on the high street but also in numerous business parks enveloping Longford town. Keep them in mind and make a conscious effort to support those that support local employment, support families to live and work in the area they love, that they grew up in and want to rear their family here too.

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