03 Nov Experience Personal Shopping at Aine’

Did you know that Áine’s offers a personal shopping service?

No?! Well, then let me bring you up to speed…We dress women of all sizes and all shapes. 

Under the chandelier at Áine’s we try to make shopping as stress-free as possible. Everyday we help women prepare for weddings, funerals, job interviews, first dates. You name it! We pride ourselves on offering you a personal service you expect from a local retailer, we love that we get to know our customers on a first name basis.  

The benefits of Personal Shopping at Áine’s

So why do you need a personal shopper?

Here’s a few of the main benefits for you:

  1. Save Time. We will trawl the full 4000 square foot of designer labels and prepare a personalised rail of clothing with all the styles, cut and colours just for you to try on! This eliminates all the angst, fluster and frustration that a day of shopping normally brings.
  2. Shop with Ease. Shopping at Aine’s means you don’t have to travel to the city, parking is easy and cheap. Thanks to our Lingerie Lounge we can dress you from the inside out without you having to pound the pavements!
  3. Save Money! We will help you build an outfit and show you styles and looks that maybe you wouldn’t normally try. This helps you build a hardworking wardrobe that will help you transition of office to evening. Easy Peasy! This results in fewer additional shopping trips, buying stuff you don’t need, or buying cheap ‘stop gap’ items because you can’t find the clothes you really love! 
  4. It’s personal. Our service is built completely around you! We get to know you, your personality, your style, as well as, your colouring, shape, and proportions. We also schedule the appointment to suit you, we can open after hours where necessary.


What our customers have to say about their Personal Shopping Experience.


Here’s what a recent client Adeline, busy mum of three had to say about her personal shopping experience at Áine’s.

 I am a regular visitor to Áine’s and I had no idea that the shop offered this (service) until one day I popped into the shop and saw another lady having a personal shopping experience and it looked fabulous!! I made some enquiries and booked it for my birthday which was coming up soon. 

The best part  for me was having someone choose clothes that you would not normally choose. I gave a brief for what I was looking for and the girls were very quick to suss out what suited me and worked best for my shape. 

I bought clothes that I wouldn’t normally have looked at; the outfits they put together work so well for my needs and my budget. There is so much to choose from in Áines that it can be overwhelming, the personal shopping experience made it fun and relaxed, when I was the hours just flew! I would absolutely recommend personal shopping at Áines to friends, family, everyone!